The Show Horse Council of Victoria Inc is governed by an Executive Committee, elected at an Annual General Meeting of the members of the SHCV. The Executive Committee appoints from among itself the Office Holders who are the President, the Vice President, the Executive Officer, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Publicity Officer.

Information on the Rules of the Show Horse Council of Victoria Inc including information on meetings, elections and all other matters relating to the conduct of the organisation can be found on the Rules & Regulations page.

Glenys Triffett
0413 565 888

Vice President
Andrew James
0407 166 957

Executive Officer & Treasurer
Durham Ritchie
P: 0418 346 291

Rachael Cunningham

Elected Delegates to SHCA
Glenys Triffett & Durham Ritchie


Belinda Reynolds
0409 559 185

Judy Ritchie
0419 881 119