National Saddle Horse Registration

For all SHC Grand National Qualifier Shows all horses must be registered with NSH Register or the Application for membership must be in the hands of the NSH Registrar at the close of entries. 

  • NSH Registration, NSH Transfers and Leases available to members only
  • Proof of Membership of Affiliated SHC Associations or Members of Interstate Constituent Affiliates to be provided
  • You must be a member of the SHCV or a member of an Affiliated SHCA club to register a horse.
Registration Fees  
New Registration $135.00
Priority Admin Fee (if applicable) $50.00
Transfer (see note below) $85.00
(Original Certificate of Registration must be posted to the office)  
Lease $100.00
Late Transfer  $100.00
(Applies to transfers received 30 days after sale/purchase date)  
Name Change of Horse/Pony  $100.00
Replacement Papers $100.00
Correction  $50.00

Registration Benefits;  One off registration fee, Annual height certificate and Registration recognized at Royal Shows


Mrs Roseanne Bowerman
P.O. Box 776 Richmond NSW 2753
Ph 02 4588 5005  Fax 02 4588 5006
Email: click here
Mon-Fri 9.30am – 3.30pm

Office located Shop 9 Civic Arcade
223 Windsor St Richmond 2753

From 1st October 2017 payment of a priority administration fee of $50 is to be added to each NSH Registration application lodged a minimum of 7 days prior to & up to the closing date of a GN Qualifier at which they wish to compete. We request that you give thought to any horses/ponies you may wish to register prior to the closing dates of any forthcoming SHCV event. Get your registrations in EARLY to avoid this fee.