To be eligible for selection to officiate at any SHC event anywhere in Australia, a Victorian must be on the SHCV List of Judges. If you are not on the SHCV List of Judges, you cannot accept SHC judging opportunities anywhere.

New online system for Judges Exams:

The Judges Exam system has now been streamlined and the Application Form & Exam papers can be downloaded from the SHCA website. (Rules & Schemes/ Judges List & Schemes). All information pertaining to the exams is available in the “Guide to Showing” Handbook and the “Judges Rules & Regulations” also available on this section of the website. We would like to encourage all interested members to check out the information and submit your Application/Exams either online or by post.

SHCV Judge List Coordinator
Glenys Triffett 0413 565 888
Andrew James 0407 166 957


SHCV Judge’s workshop:

See our Events page [click here] for the next SHCV Judge’s Workshop and Examination.

If not already paid, Membership must be paid prior to the commencement of the Workshop.
Tea and Coffee is provided.
BYO pen and paper.

Please note that to retain your Judges Qualifications you must attend a workshop within designated 3 year period.

Judges badges

Judges badges are available from the Richmond NSW office. Cost is $15 each including postage. To order please email judgescoordinator@bigpond.com

To attend a Workshop, you MUST do the following:
Email: admin@shcv.com.au confirming your attendance, or
Phone: Glenys Triffett 0413 565 888 or Andrew James 0407 166 957

  • Refer to the SHC Judges Scheme Rules and Regulations, Criteria—November 2016 edition, for comprehensive details.