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Membership period: 01/07/2022 – 30/06/2023

I hereby apply for membership/membership renewal of the Show Horse Council of Victoria Inc. (SHCA Affiliate).


  1. In the event of my admission as a member/renewal of my membership of this Affiliate I agree to abide by all Rules & Regulatio ns of this Affiliate. I further understand and agree that through Affiliation with the Show Horse Council of Australasia Inc. (SHCA) I am bound by the SHCA Inc. Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and all relevant procedures as developed and amended from time to time including but not limited to the Social Media Policy made available to me at declare, in making this application, that I do not hold financial membership with another Affiliated Association for the period 01/07/2020 to 30/06/2021.
  2. Horse sports are a dangerous activity and horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable (changeable) way, especially if frightened or hurt. I, the undersigned understand and acknowledge that serious injury or death may result from horse riding activities. Prior to undertaking any such activity, I will ensure I am aware of all the risks involved, including risks associated with any health condition that I have. I agree that I ride at my own risk.
  3. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown and I voluntarily PARTICIPATE at my OWN RISK and assume sole responsibility for any injury, death or property damage I may suffer that arises from my participation in horse sport activities.
  4. I understand and acknowledge the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol or any mind-altering drugs before and during the activity and I take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with their consumption. I agree not to drink alcohol or take drugs prohibited by law before or during these activities.
  5. I agree to follow the directions of any event organiser or official and that any misconduct or refusal by me to follow any direction of any organiser or official can result in the CANCELLATION of my participation in these activities and my immediate removal from my horse NO MATTER where that may occur. I understand that any such non-compliance may result in injury, death and/or permanent disability as a result of my failure to comply.
  6. I agree to wear a helmet at all times where required in accordance with the Rules of this Affiliate, the Rules of SHCA Inc. or the Rules of any other affiliated organisation and agree that I am solely responsible for such compliance and take sole responsibility for my actions. I agree that while riding should I have an accident, an ambulance may be called and this will be at my expense.
  7. I agree to abide by the Rules, Regulations, By-Laws, Policies and Codes as implemented by the Show Horse Council of Victoria Inc. and the Show Horse Council of Australasia. I consent to my nominated affiliate, The Show Horse Council of Australasia Inc., its affiliated clubs at SHCA sanctioned events and their commercial partners taking, retaining and reproducing an image or likeness of me, and my involvement, in the showing of horses. I agree that any such images or likeness may be used by any of these parties in reporting or marketing materials including online publications without any further notice or payment to me or them.

Where a member/competitor is under the age of 18 years at least one parent or legal guardian must be a member of a SHCA Affiliate or Constituent Affiliate.

Applicants for New Membership/Membership Renewals should refer to the Member Insurance Brochure on the SHCA website for a summary of the cover automatically provided as a benefit of membership of an Affiliate of the SHCA.

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NOTE: A handler in a Leading Rein or Led Class must be an Active/Riding Member
Definition: The Non-Rider/Non-Competitor Membership is for an applicant who DOES NOT ride a horse at any time, either for pleasure, exercise or training and who DOES NOT COMPETE as a rider or handler of a horse in ANY competition or event.

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